Succubus Lord Series Complete to Date 1 - 5 By: Eric Vall (2 MP3 3 M4B)
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1. Succubus Lord (2018) 506mb 1 M4B 9 hrs and 17 mins 125kbs

2. Succubus Lord 2 (2018) 462mb 1 m4b 8 hrs and 29 mins 125kbs

3. Succubus Lord 3 (2019) 252mb 1 Mp3 9 hrs and 10 mins 64kbs

4. Succubus Lord 4 (2019) 506mb 1 m4b  9 hrs and 17 mins 125kbs

5. Succubus Lord 5 (2019) 459mb 20 MP3 8 hrs and 24 mins 125kbs
"Dude! It finally came!" My roommate barely withheld his excitement as he barreled into the living room of our apartment with a package in his hand. "Check it out, Jacob." He smiled as he tore at the brown paper surrounding his purchase.

As he ripped the covering off the package, bits and pieces scattered all across the floor of the living room like confetti. For a second, I thought about lecturing Todd about not making a mess of our apartment, but who was I kidding? This place was already a shithole. At least some half-assed confetti would make it feel a little livelier.

My roommate was your stereotypical stoner archetype. Seriously, he looked like he belonged in a hippie van solving mysteries with a Great Dane. Todd's long, blond hair was always greasy and unkempt, and the smell of the sweet leaf reeked off him so frequently that most people just assumed he was using a hemp-laced cologne.

To top off his look, Todd wore a bit of scruff on his chin in the shape of a rough soul patch, as well as a t-shirt with the logo of whatever old-school rock band or metal band that he was currently listening to.

Genres: Urban Fantasy
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